During our years providing industrial scaffold rental services across Vancouver and B.C., we’ve worked on a huge range of industrial, commercial and civil projects.

Our project experts know how to provide scaffold services without disrupting customers, neighbouring buildings or local residents. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, quality and safety procedures. Contact our team to request a proposal for your project or find out about our most recent work below.

Industrial Projects

Revelstoke Dam

Services:   Layher Keder XL Roof System   Layher Comfort Stairway Tower  

This temporary roof project involved a rolling Keder XL roof for skylight replacement, access Comfort Stair towers, and an interior area platform. The structure required an 85 km per hour wind rating and it needed to roll to allow light into the building as work was completed. The project was successfully completed in November of… Read more »


YVR Airport Miller Road Re-Roofing Project

Services:   Keder XL Roof System  

For the YVR Airport Miller Road Re-Roofing project, we installed over 150,000 sq. ft. of 110’ clear span Keder XL roof system. The Keder roof was installed in such a way so as to not touch the ground in high traffic areas and to not touch the new roof underneath. More than 85,000 sq. ft…. Read more »


YVR Airport Double Keder Roof

Services:   Keder XL Roof System   Layher Lattice Beam 450 LW  

In 2018, we installed two identical Keder Roof Systems at the Vancouver International Airport with stair access, netting and debris chute with an 85km wind rating throughout the structure. Vertical truss stiffeners were used to facilitate a very narrow support base and to eliminate anchoring on gates A & B of the PBR terminal. These… Read more »


Empire Landmark Hotel

Services:   Layher System Scaffold  

We won the SAIA 2019 AWP Project of the Year award for this deconstruction project! The Empire Landmark Hotel is the tallest demolition in Vancouver’s history, and a great example of our ability to innovate. We designed the majority of this project using structural steel, involving a cantilevered access / crash deck consisting of over 150,000… Read more »


Keder Roof

Services:   Layher Keder XL Roof   Layher System Scaffold  

A new roof was required at an Industrial Plant, that builds pipe racks and modules for the Oil and Gas Industry in Western Canada. Layher Keder system was used to clear span 135′, with the help of a triple deep box beam, constructed out of Layher 750 Truss Beams. Skyline designed, built and engineered the… Read more »


Commercial Projects

Standard Building

Services:   Access Scaffolding and Stairway Towers  

The Standard Building in downtown Vancouver was in need of seismic and envelope restoration. Historic building restorations like this one require only the best-looking materials, and we installed all equipment in a manner to allow multiple renovation actions at the same time. A complete access package was delivered around the approximately 50,000 sq. ft. exterior,… Read more »


Justice Institute of B.C.

Services:   Layher Keder Roof  

When we were approached by Matra Construction for a solution to handle the skylight replacement over an active building lobby in the Justice Institute of British Columbia in New Westminster, we were excited. But, like any good superhero, we didn’t want to just do this job — we wanted to do it better than anyone… Read more »


Royal Bank Building

Services:   Layher Construction Access Solutions   Layher Comfort Stair Systems  

This project is an exterior restoration of a historical landmark in downtown Vancouver – the Royal Bank Building. The Royal Bank Building has historical value as a classical bank built in the 1910s, and is an anchor point on Main and Hastings. Working closely with VDK Masonry, we developed and installed City Super Frame high… Read more »


Amazon HQ at 400 West Georgia

Services:   Layher Allround Scaffolding   Layher SpeedyScaf  

This project at 400 West Georgia involves 130,000 sq. ft. of bespoke access at the former Vancouver post office building; what is soon-to-be Amazon HQ. The Amazon project required tons of Layher equipment, including multiple gantries, Protect Panels, Allround Scaffolding System, and SpeedyScaf. Throw in super duty 1.4m beams for the big spans/hoists, and there… Read more »


1166 W Pender

Services:   Layher Access Scaffolding & Stairway Towers  

Currently, the home of the Canada Revenue Agency, 1166 W Pender is undergoing redevelopment into a “next-generation” office tower. This project requires an 85,000 sq. ft. full access package as the existing building comes down. It’s nestled between towers and over a busy street so abatement and public protection are key. The project requires lots… Read more »


HSBC Building

Services:   Layher Allround Scaffolding   Layher Protect Panel System  

The HSBC building in downtown Vancouver is a 23-story office tower that was in need of a skylight replacement. The project required a custom fitting of gantry and hoist work to get the job done efficiently and safely, all while accommodating the businesses still operating in the atrium lobby. Being located in a busy city… Read more »


Amazon Warehouse

Services:   Layher Keder XL Roof System  

(Watch our motorized Amazon Warehouse roof in action above!) Amazon Warehouse project in Richmond, B.C. We were contracted by Flynn Canada to design, supply, and install a temporary scaffold roofing solution to weatherproof the existing roof during remediation work on the warehouse. This Layher XL Clearspan Keder Roof is 130′ wide by 140′ long —… Read more »


Living Midtown


We were tasked with designing a Steel Façade Retention System to protect and support the exterior façade of a heritage building in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver while the remainder of the building underwent demolition for construction of ‘Living Midtown’, a collection of boutique modern homes. Mount Pleasant is known for passionate local businesses and residents and… Read more »


Heritage Hall

Services:   Layher Keder VL Roof System  

This temporary roof system at Heritage Hall allowed for roof tile replacement as we enter Vancouver’s famous rainy season.


Tiffany & Co.

Services:   Layher Allround Scaffolding  

Working with Tiffany & Co. required beams as tough as diamonds! We designed truss and beam style sidewalk hoarding for Tiffany & Co’s branded façade and signage, and the custom-designed engineering required all measurements to be within 8mm. The custom-painted façade included mesh soffit netting and 1000 lb monorail beams for glazing installation. Dual remote… Read more »


Civil Projects

402 West Pender

Services:   Layher Protect Panel System   Layher Comfort Stairs   Layher 450mm Truss Beams  

We were tasked with the design, supply, and installation of Allround Access scaffold to allow for masonry and other remediation work on the facade of this beautiful Vancouver heritage office building located at 402 West Pender Street. The appearance of the scaffolding was paramount to the building owners, so we installed a painted metal paneling… Read more »


Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain Station

Services:   Layher Keder XL Roof System   Layher Public Access Stairs   Layher Protect Panel System  

The Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain Station project was one of over 10 re-roofing projects Skyline completed for Skytrain stations and substations in 2019. The project involved free-span roofs that were all completed on non-revenue hours. Due to the highly populated location, noise reduction remediation was implemented during installation to minimize disturbance and noise for the surrounding residences…. Read more »


Alex Fraser Bridge

Services:   Layher 750 Beams  

This was an extremely challenging project involving fully suspended access scaffolding over both Highway 17 and the Fraser River — a job only Layher 750 beams could handle. The scaffolding was designed for steel and rain pipe installation with no ground access — all access was from the piers.


Main Street Skytrain Station

Services:   Layher Public Access Stairs  

This public access project involved over 400 meters of custom emergency walkway. We engineered the walkway to fit any Skytrain guideway; it was repurposed for the nine other Skytrain stations we worked on over the course of 2019 and 2020 including King George (for Skytrain Track Maintenance, Metrotown, Joyce Street, etc). This custom product was… Read more »


Dry Gulch Bridge

Services:   Layher Lattice Beam 450 LW  

The Dry Gulch Bridge project on the Coquihalla Highway involved over 48,000 sq. ft. of suspended access to facilitate bridge repairs and catch any falling debris. We installed drop-down areas for crossing over/under the main beams. Scaffolding was built to a 50 psf rating throughout.


Pattullo Bridge

Services:   Layher Comfort Stair System   Layher 450 Truss Beam  

Skyline was the only company capable of supplying over 150,000 square feet of suspended under deck access. The challenges were extreme, the weight of the system critical. It needed to be light weight, yet meet the requirements of access and environmental protection. The system also needed to be flexible enough to allow for the careful… Read more »


Joyce-Collingwood SkyTrain Station

Services:   Layher Public Access Stair System   Skyline Guideway Access Brackets  

Skyline was tasked with designing a custom bracket that could facilitate emergency access/egress from SkyTrain cars during construction on ANY station on any line. This product has now been used on three different stations, is also used to support suspensions for access below guideways, and to facilitate rail repairs and inspections.


Vancouver Law Court

Services:   Layher Comfort Stair System   Layher 450 Truss Beam   Layher System Scaffold  

This challenging project was about solving access problems, while minimizing both cost and impact on the courts. Anchoring was scheduled for off court times and we minimized the amount of equipment required to access the gutter repair by “cantilevering” the scaffold at the top and removing the requirement of support from the ground.


Nelson Creek Bridge

Services:   Layher System Scaffold   Layher 450 Truss Beam w/ DSI Heavy Duty Suspension System   Layher Comfort Stair System  

The client required a suspended access walkway along 850 lineal feet of concrete bridge, as well as pier cap access capable of 100psf loading. Stair access from grade at piers in excess of 130’ in height was also required in two areas, with access to the cross beams. This was a challenging project, in that… Read more »


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